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Case Study 6

A garden inherited by our client and built by the developers of the house – had only be installed for 2 and half years ago. And reinforces what we often say. Builders should stick to buildings and landscapers to gardens!! The wood was rotten – presumably untreated timber had been used – the internal quality tiles hadn’t been grouted and were loose and broken, render was cracked and paint peeling, and flowerbeds didn’t drain and almost all plants were struggling for life. The first job was to remove all evidence of inexperienced workmanship and start again. Thank goodness our client hadn’t paid directly for this garden!

Following where the sun moved across the South facing garden – something the builders had perhaps considered – the garden was based around a seating area as a back drop of the garden, with raised beds, built in BBQ for entertaining, soft, planterly borders, with strong evegreen form to give the garden some style during the down months. New steps were required both down to the basement and up to to the first floor kitchen. The house had an amazing amount of glass that looked on to the garden – praise for someone here! – which meant the garden was going to be viewed 365 days and nights a year. Lighting was key and was an important part of the design.

One element that we liked – a consequence of close quarter London living – was the Virginia Creeper coming over from the neighbours garden. Softening the clean sharp lines of the modern trellis this added to the softer style of this garden, blurring the crisp edges of the hard landscaping detail.

  • Limestone paving as a smart surround to the artificial lawn.
  • Cohesive Cedar detailing used for trellis, BBQ and storage doors.
  • Raised beds, built with correct practice, materials and suitable drainage.
  • Gas BBQ, remote control lighting in beds and recessed in paving. Wall lights to wash light down the walls.
  • Mixed planting, evergreen form, with a tight pallet of colour made up the planting scheme.
  • Clever use of space with a bike storage for 5 bikes built under the stairs, with lowered base for handle bar clearance!

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