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Case Study 3

A complete renovation of an existing 1930s Wimbledon village family house.  The whole house was to be modernised and the same was to happen to the garden.  Uniquely the garden rapped round the house on all four sides and was going to be viewed from  basement, ground floor, first and second  floors.   Levels were the first issue with a consequence of the build and excavation was that the existing garden was far too high.  Significant ground works occurred to create as much level area for the client’s young family to enjoy.   In addition the client had several key requirements modernity, entertainment with a built in BBQ, large lawn, features to be viewed from different areas of the house and new screen along all boundaries.  The biggest challenge were the levels and the creation of large flat areas and several sets of steps were required without undermining the simplicity of the design. As with the house consistent pallet of colours a traditional/contemporary feel was required and sense of style to be in harmony with the house.

  • New Yorkstone terrace level with ground floor
  • Retaining walls capped in matching stone
  • Bespoke water feature and bench
  • Structured feature planting
  • Extensive remote controlled lighting
  • Irrigation system
  • 6m high Laurel Nobilis boundary
  • ‘Floating’ Yew hedge screen
  • Resin bonded drive way


Young professional wanted a garden for entertaining, sunbathing, lounging and generally relaxing from the stresses of London life.   Very much a blank canvas youthful style being the only request.  Existing refurbed kitchen included by folding kitchen doors, bright bold home furnishing and art work it seemed natural that the garden should follow suit.  We created a ‘zoned’ garden, in the first zone there are built in loungers extending from the kitchen with heaters and lighting, a second area with built in BBQ, cushion storage and structured planting and then a final zone with large queen sized day bed, modern water feature and architectural feature tree.

  • Blue grey sawn cut granite
  • Bespoke weather proof cushions
  • External grade heaters including chandelier heater for day bed
  • Artificial lawn
  • Iroko pergola and horizontal trellis
  • Remote controlled lighting including fairy light for pergola

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