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Farrow & Ball new colours

2nd Feb: by admin

We’re big fans of Farrow and Ball colours here at Harrington Porter. Recent projects completed have included Wimbourne white, Manor House grey, Railings, see below.

They’ve just released 9 new colours and got a rather cool website update revealing them all. Take a look at the link below. We’ve already got our eye on the new colour Worsted!

IMG_0704DSC_140320 Winchendon Road

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Artificial lawns trends

13th Oct: by admin

We have installed many artificial lawns over the years and have seen its popularity increase year on year.  We were interested to see this article in SW Resident this month by Alex Oppenheim from John D Wood talking about the benefits of artificial lawns to the saleability of your house.  So as well as looking fabulous all year round its an excellent investment as well.  Please see the article below and if you need any information on artificial lawns give us a call.

SW Magazine

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Autumn works 2015 well underway

23rd Sep: by admin

Our garden design and construction team have hit the ground running after the Summer holidays and we started 3 new design and build projects, last Monday 14th Sept.  All jobs are in Fulham, which certainly makes the managing of them easier, and despite the recent few days heavy rain progress is good.

Small garden design and build, with retention of some existing elements but construction of new built in bench, raised beds, new planting and garden lighting.
The tight space makes it a busy and cramped work space but the team are used to working in small London gardens and are getting on well.

1 copy

2 copy 3 copy

4  5   6      7

Overhaul of a boring and bland medium sized London garden. Its a race against the clock with a baby due date of Friday this week so striking the balance between numbers on site and efficiency a key factor.  A classic, dare I say it…typical London look. Cedar horizontal trellis, raised beds, artificial lawn and Indian sandstone, the components in a this functional and practical yet stylish city space.


2 copy





A larger than average SW6 garden on the Alphabet streets, is the final major works in a full house and garden refurbishment project for a young family.

An exterior porcelain tiled terrace laid level with the interior kitchen floor, artificial lawn, painted horizontal trellis for a less contemporary feel, 2nd paved area, new planting and garden lighting. All elements are designed to be cohesive, space sensitive to keep the feeling of space, and practical. But to be planted up with a more traditional feel – ear marked for the planting plan are climbing roses, lavender, pleached hornbeam and a small herb garden.

1 copy  2   3

4    5

All projects are due for completion in the next couple of weeks or so.  Finished photos to follow. Fingers crossed for the weather!!

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Beware the Box Tree Caterpillar!!!

16th Sep: by admin

Also known as the Box Tree Webber, this little but lethal caterpillar is reeking havoc over South West London, and most notably for us, on our home patch of Fulham, Putney, Barnes and Clapham.

Almost all of our existing clients – new and old – have come back from their Summer holidays to find their Box (Buxus sempivirens, Boxwood) hedging ravaged by this greedy caterpillar. Buxus is the hardy evergreen shrub that you will see most commonly as topiary – Box balls, pyramids, and lollipops as well as hedging. It is particularly popular in contemporary garden design and in London town gardens today, and is frequently used to create clean lines, retain looser shrubs and provide structure for herbaceous flowering plants. There is HUGE amounts of it in South West London gardens and this caterpillar is at large!!

See this RHS link for information about this pest and keep your eyes peeled for small green caterpillars and unhealthy looking Box plants.

The good news it is treatable. Off the shelf insecticide sprays like Roseclear and Ultimate Bug killer will work, and even if the bug eats all the leaves off, the plant itself and its root system wont’ actually be dead (if you are prepared to wait and treat your plants they will return to life eventually). You do not need to change the soil if you are replacing old Box plants with new, but make sure there are no eggs in the soil.

The bad news is that this little fella isn’t going anywhere fast. Holland, Germany and Austria have long accepted this pest is here to stay and continue to treat their Box plants as a matter of standard practice.

– Keep a close eye on any Box hedging plants you have at the front or back of your home.
– Spray liberally any infected plants.
– Squash (or remove) any caterpillars you find.
– Share your findings with neighbours. The moth / eggs / caterpillars will live near the host plant as well as in it, so your neighbours Buxus may be already infected if your plants aren’t yet.
– Replace your Buxus hedging with a similar plant such as Euonymous “green spider”

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Autumn bulb planting

17th Sep: by admin

Now is the best time to plant bulbs for next year and here are a few Tulips suggestions that will look fabulous and get you thinking.

These 3 tulips below all have good stem length and will flower in succession in your garden. Tulipa’Purissima’ is one of the first into flower. They will be followed by Tulipa ‘Early Glory’ and then finallyTulipa ‘Paul Scherer’. Tulips make superb cut flowers, flowering at a time when there is little else to pick in the garden. They are easy to grow, flowering in a matter of months after planting. Tulips are excellent for cutting and last for up to 10 days in a vase when picked fresh from the garden.

Tulipa ‘Purissima’ (syn. ‘White emperor’)
This is a fosteriana variety which has large flowers on tall, sturdy stems which makes them ideal for large scale bedding displays. They are very early flowering so the creamy white flowers appear in late March and April. Because of its strong growth and great performance, this variety has been given the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society. Even more impressive, the flowers are lightly scented. Height to 18 inches (45cm)

White Emperor Tuplip








Tulipa ‘Early Glory’
This triumph variety is certainly a triumph in the garden, producing large, shimmering sugar pink flowers. This is a mid-flowering variety so it will fill the gap between the early and late flowering tulips. This sugar pink is a beautiful colour when picked and mixed with shades of white and cream in arrangements. Also looks great planted with purple or cream colours in the borders. Height to 20 inches (50cm)

Early Glory Tulip









Tulipa ‘Paul Scherer’
Tulip breeders have been trying for years to create a variety that produces a near-black flower on a tall stem – and here it is! The blooms are large, oval, almost egg-shaped and sit on top of a sturdy stem in May. This spring I grew Tulipa ‘Paul Scherer’ side by side with Tulipa ‘Queen of the Night’ in my tulip trials and ‘Paul Scherer’ definitely beats ‘Queen of the Night’ by a long way to be the blackest tulip. Plant in bold drifts for a big impact. Height to 20 inches (50cm)

'Paul Scherer' Tulip









If you would like any help with bulb choice, souring or planting please contact us here at Harrington Porter –, we offer a comprehensive bulb planting service every Autumn.

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The ten best roses for your garden

16th Jul: by admin

Roses may not be the most fashionable plant of choice at the moment however, its impossible not to stop, look and smell when you walk past an abundantly flowering Rose Bush.  Here is a link to an atricle we liked looking at the best roses for your garden, we hope you enjoy it and that we keep smelling the roses.

Frangrant Rose











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Spring and Summer Vegetable growing

22nd Mar: by admin

Its hard to imagine wanting to eat a salad let alone think about growing one with the snow still falling this morning but Spring is around the corner and its a good time to start thinking about the warmer times ahead.

I was watching the news this morning and an item that caught my attention was the Grow Your Own Weekend & Spring Plant Fair at RHS Wisley.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a vegetable garden, patch or window box there are always ways to grow your own vegetables.

There will be experts there to help you on all aspects from sowing your seeds and which varieties grow well in containers on patios and or balcony’s.

If you’re brave enough to face the elements go and enjoy a fun informative day at Wisley.





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Brightening up your winter garden

20th Feb: by admin

It’s been a cold and grey start to the year and with the last few days of sun, our thoughts are turning to spring and what our gardens are going to look like in the coming months.  However, there are also lots of plants you can put in your garden that give you a bright and beautiful vista even in the darkest cold winter months.  I have just been looking at this Telegraph article and thought it would be interesting for those looking for a bit of winter charm next year in their garden.

If you would like any further help with winter planting or any garden planting please let us know and our plants person would be delighted to sit down and help with ideas.

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Winter gardens to visit

15th Jan: by admin

You often think that its only in Summer that gardens are open and worth going to see but we would strongly suggest you take the opportunity to go to Chelsea Physic garden to see their wonderful display of snowdrops, they are open for two weekends only at the beginning of February specially for the Snowdrops, we will be going along.

We have also been looking at some other gardens that are worth a winter visit. We found this interesting article, so if you fancy a winter walk in a beautiful garden please have a look at the article below.


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Christmas Is Almost Here

27th Nov: by admin

With Christmas fast approaching,  here at Harrington Porter we are gearing up for the festive season.   Our Christmas trees are arriving this Thursday (29th November) and the shop is being decorated as we speak.  We will be offering a range of trees, wreaths and decorations.

I’m sure gardens are the last thing on people’s mind at the moment, especially with the weather being as bad as it has been for the last few weeks, but for those of you thinking of having any garden maintenance done, between the 1st December and the 1st March we are offering a 20% discount on the labour costs for any work carried out on your garden during this period.

This is a good time of year to carry out any maintenance  on your garden as the plants and shrubs will be fairly dormant for the winter, the buds will have not started to appear yet and so your garden will be better prepared for the Spring and Summer.

Also if you are thinking about moving any plants/shrubs to other parts of your garden or introducing new plants/shrubs again this is a good time as there will be a better choice of stock and because you can get most items as root balls they will be cheaper as well.

Harrington Porter wishes everyone a very Happy Christmas and if there is anything that we can help with please feel free to get in contact (0207 731 3552 or and we will do our best to help.

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